Notes from My Customers

Love the sign! It's gorgeous! :)


I just received the signs and I love them. They look great!


I got it yesterday. I LOVE it!! It is already up on the wall.


Here is a picture of the sign you created for my dad as it is hanging in their front yard. He really liked it, and it looks very good! Thank you again!


Got it - very pleased! Our place at the lake tends to be a little on the feminine side -- so my husband LOVED IT! Thanks again.


I received the sign today and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. I will be making orders in the future! Thanks.


Thanks for making my Christmas!


I received the signs and they look great! Thanks so much!

—Katie L.

I got the signs today -- LOVE THEM. :)


I saw one of the signs at a friend's house yesterday while watching a football game. I had to find out where she got it! Thanks!

—Mary Beth

Got the signs in today and hung ours already. They look great! Thanks again!


We love the sign. We've put in in our front room over the entryway to the other rooms and have gotten so many compliments. The lettering is the exact same coloring as the paint on the walls. Thank you so much!!!


The sign you gave Helen and I is probably my favorite thing we have hanging on all of our walls (not that we have any Rembrandts or anything)!


I absolutely love our signs, Andrea!!!!! LOVE!!!!!! Thank you!


I love love my signs! I love this size! I already hung the Christmas one. I might have to get some more seasonal ones. Thank you!


I love it!! Tiffany and Craig are going to be so excited.


I wanted to let you know that we received our sign and love it. We have it hanging next to our front door.


I hung the sign you made. I like it! It's hanging on our travel wall since becoming


My sister ordered a sign some time back and I liked it so much I decided to also get one!


These are going to be great Christmas gifts!!! Thank you!


Got it!! LOVE it!!! It is perfect!


We are visiting friends in Indiana and I want to give them a Thank you gift for letting us stay with them so this is PERFECT.


I love it! Thank you so much for a job well done.


I just moved into my new house and am planning some shelves for a photo display. I plan on using the sign within that display and will send a picture once it's up!


Love our sign! Awesome! I put it up above the Viking stove at our Newport house!

—Mary Ann

I got the sign today. I LOVE it!! More than I could have hoped for! The red is perfect color and love, love the weathering/distressed look...especially the knots in the wood...will be perfect in our pine cabin. Now, if I can just wait until my husband's birthday to give it to him!!! Thanks so much. You were delightful to work with.


Got the sign, It's BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to hang it in the bedroom. Thank you.


The sign you made for my sister turned out fantastic!


I just wanted to let you know I got my signs in on Saturday. They look wonderful! I am very pleased with them. I will be happy to post pictures on your Facebook page after Mother's Day :) Thank you again!

—Sara L.

We love our sign and I am happy to send a picture.

—Leslie P.

It looks GREAT! I will hang it up this week and send you a picture!

—Melinda H.

Received the sign this week - looooove it! Thank you SO much for the great & speedy work :-)

—Genevieve P.

I LOVE our sign Andrea! I get comments about it a lot and send them your way!

—Amy H.

Thanks for your great work, Andrea. So glad I saw you on YHL!

—Kelley B.

I have already given your site to a co-worker who LOVED it and plan on getting one myself. What a great idea!

—Kelly H.

Thank you! We love it...and we've had so many compliments on it.

—Angie S.

Dan loved the sign almost as much as I did :) It's on the mantle and looks fabulous. Thank you so much!

—Kate S.

You are very talented! I am going to subscribe to your newsletter. Once I hang the sign I will take a photo and send it to you. It is going to be in my "gallery" wall I am doing in my hall.

—Rachel M.

Here is our sign you made and how we've displayed it! Thank you so much!!!

—Heidi H.

I love the signs I have ordered from you!! Thanks!

—Morgan B.

Love your signs! I will have to take a picture and send it to you! Eric's cousin Holly was moved to tears when I gave her the sign with her new married name on it! It was a hit! So, you might get some random orders from out of Ohio or Virginia....awesome!

—Paige M.

I really love all my signs that I have gotten & I have used them from wall displays, porch displays & others!

—Janice C.

Here is a pic of the sign you made me to give to my in-laws two Christmases ago - they have it sitting on their porch in rural Tennessee, outside of Nashville! Love it!

—Courtney S.

We totally love our sign and have it on display at our place!

—Ellie P.

Your signs were a huge hit at Christmas here!

—Lynn P.

I receive so many compliments on my address sign. Thanks again!


I just love my sign and get so many compliments on it!

—Tracy J.

The sign arrived and we love it! I'd love to order 2 more as gifts.
Just thought I'd pass along our gratitude for the awesome piece!!

—Dana N.

I ordered a couple of signs from you earlier in the summer for wedding gifts, and they were really well received. Thank you so much for offering such a unique gift idea! I'm just so thrilled with your outstanding customer service and the quality of your products. Thanks for being so easy to work with. Now to plan the rest of my order!

—Kim K.

Hi Andrea! WE LOVE IT!!!

—Teri R.

Just wanted to thank you again for the monogram overlay sign again! I absolutely love it and fits our home so perfectly :) I will be sure to tell all my friends that love home decor too!!

—Aubrey F.

We love our sign - it's in our entry way, so you can't miss it if you walk in our front door!

—Melinda H.

It matches perfectly. Thank you so much. ♥

—Lindsey B.

Love my sign, Andrea. Thanks a bunch!

—Angela F.

I got my sign and I absolutely love it!!! It's exactly what I had visualized.
It came just in time for me to hang it in our r.v. before we go camping next week. Thank you so much. I hope to purchase more in the future.

—Gabby G.

Your customer service has been outstanding!

—Debbie K.

I just wanted to say think you for the sign. I gave it to my friend for her wedding this weekend and they loved it.

—Michelle B.

I received the signs - they are PERFECT!! Thank you so much. I wish you loads of success...I will be in touch again I'm sure. Such a great gift idea...

—Karen G.

Thanks! Got 'em - they look great! I may do a bulk order of this sign at the holiday as a gift for folks in my life.

—Chris G.

Thank you so much for fast service! I love the initial sign! I put it outside next to our front door and it makes our porch look so cool and hip:)

—Denise D.

Your signs are wonderful!!! (I may be ordering my own as a Merry Christmas to ME!!!) :)

—Holly S.

The sign arrived yesterday and I love how it turned out. Thank you for getting it here so quickly.

—Jill D.

We received the sign over the weekend and Julie and I love it. We live in a late 1800's colonial home with a huge stone fireplace and I think we are going to hang it above it. It blends very well with the decor in that room. Thanks!

—Jerry B.

Just received my sign Andrea. Very nice job and thank you so much!

—Lisa C.

We LOVE the signs we've ordered from you in the past! Time for more!

—Brittney G.

My sister bought these signs for us and we love them! We used one of them at my daughter's wedding reception and I use mine in my kitchen on top of a corner shelf, and I'll use it in my Christmas decor too. Looking forward to this next batch I've ordered for wedding gifts!

—Lane H.

I received the sign. It is absolutely perfect! It by-far passed my expectations! I know it is going to make a wonderful present. If I ever have the desire to order another sign I know I will be asking and recommending you! Thank you!

—Amanda M.

Andrea - thank you so much! I received my 2 beautiful signs in the mail yesterday and I am so impressed! I bought them as Christmas gifts and when I showed my husband he liked them so much he asked why I didn't get one for our house! So, I will probably be placing another order soon! The quality is so much nicer than others I have seen out there - they are classy but also very homey. I love them, and I cannot wait to give these gifts! Thank you for your beautiful work!

—MaryLynn B.

I received the signs today and am very pleased! Thank you very much.

—Bev B.

I just got the signs and they look great!! I can't wait to give them as gifts :)

—Nicole M.

My signs arrived Saturday. They turned out awesome!!! These are Christmas gifts for my family and I can't until everyone opens them. I know they'll be a big hit. One, of course, was mine and I'm hanging it in the kitchen. I'll send you a pic once hung. Thanks so much!

—Wendy R.

I received the package over the weekend and both signs are fantastic. I love them. One is a gift for my best friend who lives many, many miles away from me and I can't wait to send it to her. You do great work. I will definitely order again sometime and will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again!

—Kim L.

The sign arrived and looks fantastic. We love it! Thank you so much.

—Sabrina D.

Thank you!! We got them and they are beautiful!! You are such an artist AND a great business woman! I love giving these as gifts for weddings; they almost always ask where I got them. I hope your business continues to thrive.

—Lynn P.

I received my sign today and I totally love it!!! I have some weddings in the future, you will get more orders from me!

—Amy O.

They loved the sign!

—Fanyelle M.

You run a very class A operation. From a marketing standpoint these are the things I was impressed with above and beyond the personal service you provided me, (which was the very best part above all else)

Your website is clean and easily navigable. Your turnaround time is spot on. Your online payment system is professional. Packaging was solid without fear of damage. The Sticker on the outside "You've been waiting for A SIGN. This is it" was the icing on the personal cake that made me smile.

I appreciate all of those little details and thank you again for being attentive to them. I will most certainly come to you again when I have a special sign that I would like to have proudly displayed somewhere.

—Kevin H.

Yesterday I picked up our custom made sign at the post office. First of all, I have to tell you, I loved that sticker on the packaging! It is perfect for your business and made me laugh out loud. The sign is fantastic! I love how the printing came out and I will be sure to send you a photo of it in a couple of months. As far as I am concerned Andrea, you hit a "home run" here! Thanks so much. We will certainly enjoy this addition to our room for years to come! I will definitely be ordering again soon!

—Linda K.

I just received the sign. ITS FABULOUS!!!! Its already hanging in our Lounge. Thank you!!!!!!!


I recently ordered a sign for a wedding present for my sister-in-law and her new husband. I wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service and beautiful work. You kept me informed every step of the way! They loved the sign and had it displayed on their mantle the day after the wedding. All the other gifts were still stuffed in the dining room!


We got the sign last week and just love it. I first saw you and your work a long time ago so it's great to finally have one of your pieces.

—Elizabeth B.

The sign you made for my friend was fabulous and she loved it! It was perfect! I look forward to ordering another sign with you, every detail and communication was exceptional.

—Linda B.

I wanted to let you know that I received my sign on Saturday and I just love it! Thanks so's just beautiful. I plan on ordering more signs from you in the future.

—Stacey P.

Thank you for your promptness in preparing, painting and sending our sign. It is delightful and will be enjoyed by the recipient. Thank you too for providing notes during the process. I am finding it a rarity with vendors that they keep clients so well informed.

—Cathleen V.

My niece and her new husband LOVED their wedding sign. They used it on the table at the wedding with their place cards as I gave it to them early. Thanks so much for your creative product line. I look forward to ordering many more items.

—Linda K.

I received my client's sign today. I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to continuing business with you. Thank you very much!

—Brenda C.

Just wanted to let you know the sign arrived today. It looks fantastic!! I can't wait to give it to our president Monday. Thank you again!

—Michelle L.

Andrea, We got the sign. We didn't wait a second putting it up. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

—Christine S.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my sign today and it has EXCEEDED my expectations. It's perfect! I can't wait to display it and send you a picture of how perfect it is. I just love it so much that I figured it was worth sending you a note to let you know!!!!! I might need to order some more!

—Tanya S.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love my sign. It is perfect and I thank you sincerely.

—Karen H.

My signs have arrived and I love them! Such character with the wood. They are perfect. I can't wait to give them to my brother for Christmas.

—Nicole B.

Oh my gosh!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! Thank you soooo much.... it's exactly what I wanted! So fast too! I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.

—Lynne B.

I just received the sign an it looks perfect! Thank you.

—Scott T.

Thank you Andrea! Received it yesterday. Hope to put it up this weekend and will send you a picture. It's perfect.

—Donna N.

I just got the sign and love it! I will be ordering another one for a closing in March. Thank you so much.

—Missy L.

Received our signs yesterday! They look so awesome. Thanks for the speedy shipping. Our clients are going to LOVE them!

—Delia D.

Thank you very much, Andrea. The sign arrived earlier this week and it looks beautiful. My wife has hung it just outside the entrance of our house that faces one of her cherished gardens. The look of it matches perfectly with our farmhouse, the oldest part of which was built in 1847. Thank you once again for work and for your quick turnaround. I will definitely think of you the next time I or anyone I know might need a custom sign made.

—Sandeep S.

I received my order today and it is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!!!

—Lashae J.

Just wanted to tell you that my sign arrived today and it is perfect! Will definitely order again. Thanks and enjoy the holiday.

—Sue L.

I just wanted you to know that my sign arrived yesterday and I love it! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents and for a job well done.

—David G.

I received my sign today and it's perfect! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

—Kristin D.

I wanted to thank you so much for my sign. It came out BEAUTIFUL and even better than I expected and my boyfriend absolutely loved it.

—Lauren P.

We received our sign and it is PERFECT! Captures the essence of all we wanted and is gorgeous. Thank you soooooo much for sharing your talent making our vision a reality.

—Sandra M.

Andrea, I just love your talent and your service. My clients absolutely LOVE these signs! Thank you for all that you do! You just can't beat beautiful work and superb service. Thank you so much!


I received my sign and LOVE IT!! Thanks!


Thanks so much!!!! We LOVE the signs!! Wow. So awesome. My 2 sisters are ordering them because they love mine so much! Thanks again:)

—Charlene F.

You are very welcome and thank you for being an incredible sign artist.
Your signs have added an amazing touch to my dealerships interior décor and now in our home with all of our Grandchildren names that you did for me this past Christmas.

—Drew M.