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Here you can add and edit an optional title for your design such as "Family Rules".

To remove the title, simply delete all of the text in the title box.

To include a rule from our master list, check the checkbox next to the rules you want to add to your artwork. All included rules are marked with a yellow highlight and a check mark and will be listed in the order you see here.

To sort your rules or rearrange them, click and drag a rule to a new position in the list. The preview on the right will reflect the changes as you sort.

To remove a rule, un-check the rule's checkbox. It will drop to the bottom of the list of rules and can be reselected at any time.

You can choose as many rules as you would like but most styles will look best with 8-12 rules.

Don't feel obligated to use the suggested rules. You can write all your own rules if you wish!

Add your own rules by entering in the text for your rule and clicking the "Add Rule" button. Your new rule will automatically be highlighted and added to the end of your selected rules list. It's recommended to capitalize the first letter of each word and omit punctuation to keep your rules consistent with the suggested rules.

It is not possible to delete a rule. If you make a mistake (spelling error, capitalization mistakes, etc.), just uncheck that rule, and start again. All of the rules you create will be added to the full list, so you can scroll down and reselect them at any time.

Use this drop down menu to preview several artistic representations of your selected rules. You can add to, remove, rearrange or rewrite your rules to best fit the style you like best. Each shuffle creates a whole new look for your artwork.

Customize the background color and text color of your artwork by clicking on the colored boxes and selecting from our palette of colors.

Have a specific color in mind that isn't there? You can enter the six character hexadecimal code for any color to give your artwork a truly custom color scheme.

Please remember that a color's final apperance can differ slightly from what you see on the screen and the final printed version.

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Create Personalized Family Rules Art with Ease

Now it's easy to design a piece of custom artwork displaying all the important rules on the wall for your home, classroom, playroom, lake house, clubhouse, office or any place!

Your Family, Your Rules.
You make the rules. You pick the colors. You choose the style.

Your one-of-a-kind custom artwork is created instantly and can be ordered as a digital file to download and print, a professionally printed poster, or a truly bold and emphatic wrapped canvas piece of art for your wall:

  • a DIY Printable (printable sizes from 8"x10" to 16"x20") - only $9
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Ready to get started?
Just use the builder (above) to start creating your own work of art.

This is not a send-me-your-rules, tell-me-your-vision, match-these-colors, and then wait-three-days-for-a-response kind of product.  This builds your artwork INSTANTLY.  You will literally watch your one-of-a-kind artwork take form as you add rules, remove rules, write new rules, select your colors, switch styles, rearrange the order of the rules, add a title, etc.

The photo below is showcases some of the beautiful posters and canvases created with this design tool and printed by Zazzle: