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Gallery Wall Tutorial 

On-Display Thursday: Gallery Wall Tutorial @ A.Steed's.Life

Welcome to "On-Display Thursday" - a new weekly series of blogging on!

Today I'd like to share my personal favorite way to display a combination of words on wood signs, photographs, and artwork prints - a Gallery Wall.  This one just happens to live in my very own kitchen. :)  Several months ago, I shared a detailed tutorial on my personal blog for how to achieve this gallery collage look.  

A.Steed's.Life - Gallery Wall Tutorial

Positive Affirmations Artwork 

Wordy Wednesday: Positive Affirmations

Here we are, eleven days into January 2012.  How are your resolutions coming along? 

How about a little pick-me-up to keep you going? I find that surrounding myself with words of positive affirmation and motivation can be just the little reminder to do the trick.  Check out these great posters, signs and prints meant to do just that!

Regret Nothing.

Take Chances Poster

Zazzle Canvas Review 

A Detailed Look at Zazzle's Wrapped Canvas Prints

Recently, I ordered several of my "You Are My Sunshine" wrapped canvases from Zazzle so that I could hold them in my hands and give them a good once over.  I'm happy to say I'm *totally* impressed with the quality of these stretched canvas prints.  They are simply gorgeous!

You Are My Sunshine Wrapped Canvas