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Design Your Own Iconic Family Poster 

Personalized Iconic Family Poster & Notecard Tutorial

I'm a sucker for anything personalized, and I love the iconic look of these little cartoon-like silhouette people.  So I created this design for "Customize a Family" posters and notecards that can be personalized to look just like your family! ...and bonus! if you order the notecards, you can also buy matching postage stamps!

Customize A Family PosterIcon Family Notecards Your Family Postage

It's so easy and YOU can do it! :) 'Here's how it's done:

DIY Baseball Scoreboard Tutorial 

A Personalized Baseball Scoreboard DIY Tutorial:

{Inspired by} Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized Baseball Scoreboard

Recently a local customer of mine contacted me and asked if I would paint her a giant personalized baseball scoreboard, kind of like the one she saw here via Pottery Barn Kids (picture below).  Pottery Barn used that scoreboard as an accessory and prop in their catalog photos, but they don't appear to sell it or any version of it.  So I made her one instead!

Signs by Andrea - On Display 

There's nothing I love more than seeing how my customers have chosen to display their "Signs by Andrea" creations.  On shelves, over doorways, as part of a gallery collage, propped up on a nightstand, etc. 

Here are some recent "on display" photos that have come in from my fabulous customers featuring thier one-of-a-kind signs:

Thomas' Train Yard - Custom Sign

Thomas' Train Yard - Custom Sign