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Baby's Birth Date Details Artwork 

A while back I ordered one of my Baby's Birth Date Details posters to use as the front page of my son's scrapbook.  After I customized it to include all his details, I had it printed as an 8" x 10" on the standard matte poster paper from Zazzle.

Customized Baby's Birth Date Details Poster

Note: When I designed this "Circus" color scheme, I had my son's bedroom and album in mind, but you can easily change the colors of the fonts and background to suit your own needs.

Custom Made Signs 

Custom signs are fun for me.  They require a little bit of brain stretching, some creativity and a cooperative collaboration between myself and my client.  While a custom sign order can be intimidating at first, they always turn out to be my very favorites.  Each of them has a story - a special reason for being created, which makes it so much more special to me as I paint it.

Here are some of the recent custom signs I've made:

Boondoggle Farm Sign

Boondoggle Farm Sign - a property sign for a local customer

Alphabet Artwork 

Wordy Wednesday: Alphabet Artwork Posters and Prints

As someone who loves letters, words, fonts and typography, it's hard to resist the simple alphabet.  Not just for kiddos, these alphabet posters are clever, inspiring, and encourage creativity.  Mat them, frame them, and enjoy them in nurseries, bedrooms, classrooms and offices!


HI Poster

HI Poster by mollybhappy