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Popular Closing Gifts for 2017 

I'm honored that so many of real estate agents have given my wood signs to your clients to commemorate their new homes over the past year. I hope they've all been well-received and enjoyed. Thank you!

I've compiled a few of the most popular signs that agents are giving to help you choose closing gifts for your clients in 2017 as well as some tips to help you choose the perfect sign for each family or individual.  You can always email me with any questions or ideas.  -- Andrea

A Home Sweet Home Sign is a classic gift for FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS, SINGLE clients or FAMILIES of any kind!

Perfect for any new home, my Home Sweet Home sign is painted on a 2ft x 6in board.  You can choose to personalize it by adding the established date and/or a paper overlay of their street address, family name, or even the first names of everyone in the home.

Personalized Home Sweet Home Sign

The classic Last Name Sign is a perfect heirloom for FAMILIES and NEWLYWED couples.

My Last Name Sign, with added options such as a street name paper overlay and the "established" date is by far my most  popular combination for closing gifts.  Personalized just for them, it makes a fantastic commemorative piece of artwork for your client's new home.

2ft Last Name Sign w/Street Address Overlay & Established Date

A New Look for 2017 

A new year is the perfect time to integrate a new look and style improvements!  In 2017, you'll notice a crisp, clear, more readable font making an appearance, and it's feelin' pretty special...  

2ft Last Name Sign with Street Address Paper Overlay

So, which sign designs get this fancy new treatment?  For starters, all paper overlays on my 2ft and 3ft Last Name signs, and Home Sweet Home signs will be getting a facelift.