Movie-Themed Home Theater Decorating Ideas

Wordy Wednesday: Home Theater Decorating Ideas

I love to watch movies, and now that there are HD televisions and movies on demand, I spend most of my movie watching time in the comfort of my own home.  Home theaters are so popular now!  Wouldn't it be fun to deck the walls of your home theater or movie room with movie-themed posters and prints?  Besides all the awesome classic movie posters (like The Godfather, ET, or The Wizard of Oz) you could line the walls with, here are some great movie-themed decor items I found to be really neat:


Now Showing Movie Theater Home Theater Decor

Now Showing Sign by Pride Plates

Classic Hot Buttered Popcorn Movie Poster

Classic Hot Buttered Popcorn Movie Poster by cyclegirl

Personalized Movie Marquee Poster

Personalized Movie Marquee Poster by Dtime2

Cinema Ticket Poster

Cinema Ticket Poster by prawny

I Love the Movies Poster

I Love the Movies Poster by 24_Frames

Camera "Cinema" Poster

Cinema Camera Poster by pupculture_t-shirts

Personalized Film Template Poster

Film Template Poster by prawny_templates

Hollywood Movie Clapper Board

Hollywood Film Clapper Board by Loftus

My Star on the Walk of Fame Poster

My Star on the Walk of Fame Poster by aura2000

Movie Room Poster

Movie Poster by bartonleclaydesign

Classic Hollywood Icons Hanging Wall Cutouts

Classic Hollywood Icons Hanging Wall Cutouts by Wall Cutouts

Cinema Tickets Poster

Cinema Tickets Poster by bartonleclaydesign

101 Greatest Movie Quotes Poster

101 Greatest Movie Quotes List Poster Print by Generic

End Title Card Poster

End Title Card Poster by surrealitee


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ang said:

Just finished our home theater! Backyard Rooms installed it in just a few days! Love it, Should have done it sooner.

the cape on the corner said:

yes, love all these! we are finishing our basement, and it's going to be retro-drive in theatre inspired, so believe me, i have amassed quite a bit of signs like this!