Chicago Posters and Signs

Wordy Wednesday: Chicago Themed Posters and Signs

When I think "city", I see Chicago.  I grew up spending my summers there, and my stomach does a flip each time I drive into the city and get my first glimpse of the skyline.  The lights, the buildings, the food, the entertainment  - it all makes Chciago by far my favorite city!  These Chicago-themed posters and prints are a great way to bring a part of the city home with you!

Chicago Theater Print

Chicago Theater Print by laurinovakphoto

Vintage Chicago Skyline

Vintage Chicago Skyline by Retro_Art

My Heart Belongs to Chicago

My Heart Belongs to Chicago by heartartdesign

Chicago Travel Poster

Chicago Travel Poster by My OtherPlanet

Chicago Vintage Scroll Posters

Vintage Scroll Posters by AntiquePosters

Chicago Print

Chicago Print by Pauline

Chicago Sign

Chicago Sign by AngelDawn6

Chicago Windy City

Chicago Windy City by Anderson Design Group Studio

Vintage Chicago Map

Chicago Vintage Map by lovearthousechicago

Vintage Words Fair Chicago 1934 Poster

Vintage Worlds Fair Chicago 1934 by forbes1954

Chicago Neighborhoods Poster

Chicago Neighborhoods by Greenyus Posters

Chicago Blues Print

Chicago Blues Print by JazzBluesBoutique

Chicago International Poster

Chicago International Poster by OrkPosters

Taste of Chicago Poster

Taste of Chicago Sign Poster by DS26SHOP

Chicago Illinois City Limit Sign

Chicago City Limit Aluminum Sign by The Litzon Sign Shop

Chicago - My Kind of Town - Panoramic Night Skyline

Night Skyline "My Kind of Town" by malibuitalian

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Karen said:

I SO miss Chicago. Such a pleasure to see your collection of posters here. Made me start fantasizing about a day filled with The Art Institute, Navy Pier and a few stops at various cafes to warm up along the way!

tara said:

I'm making my first trip there in a few weeks and can't wait.

Kristen @ Titus 2 Work in Progress said:

Make me miss Chicago...especially their pizza :)

Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker said:

President Obama sang it best "My sweet home, Chicago" - these art prints are just amazing! My favorite is "Windy City" not only because it is my favorite color blue, but also because it reminds me of a wonderful day my son and I took the water taxi all the way from Adler to Union Station. There is no city on this planet that is as beautiful as Chicago!

Amy @ while wearing heels said:

Being a fellow Midwesterner, I had to stop by and appreciate your collection of Chicago signs. You found quite a bit I had never seen before. The windy city, there's none quite like it, is there?

TheBargainBabe said:

Those are neat, I like the one that is words and all blue.

Can you believe that I have NEVER been to Chicago?? Maybe next year... :)

Elena said:

I'm stopping by via "Someday Crafts." As soon as I saw the Chicago skyline I immediately clicked on your link. As a former Chicagoan these posters fill me with nostalgia and I might just need to buy one to remind me of home...