Baby's Birth Date Details Artwork

A while back I ordered one of my Baby's Birth Date Details posters to use as the front page of my son's scrapbook.  After I customized it to include all his details, I had it printed as an 8" x 10" on the standard matte poster paper from Zazzle.

Customized Baby's Birth Date Details Poster

Note: When I designed this "Circus" color scheme, I had my son's bedroom and album in mind, but you can easily change the colors of the fonts and background to suit your own needs.

Customized Baby's Birth Date Details Poster

Since his album is an 8" x 8" album, I trimmed the sides down 1 inch and stuck it into the page protector.  Viola! (As an afterthought, I realized I could have also just had Zazzle print it on an 8" x 8" poster - doh!)

Customized Baby's Birth Date Details Poster

I love how this text-only poster helps record all the important details! :)  Looks great framed in a nursery too:

Customized Baby's Birth Date Details Framed Artwork

Baby's Birth Date Details - Circus Baby's Birth Date Details Poster - Cotton Candy Baby's Birth Date Details Poster - Sand & Sea
Circus Cotton Candy Sand & Sea



Jen18945 said:

I always purchase this sign as a gift for friends and family when they have a baby. It's unique and something they can treasure forever. It's a great alternative to clothing too! I highly recommend this product.

Melanie said:

Lovely sign. I like the layout and the colors!! Visiting from Sarahdipities- love to see you around sometime!!

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said:

I love it!! What a fun way to share all the details of the birth!
Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse Party! I included this in my Feature post. :)

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said:

This is adorable. I love the colors!

andie said:

so precious! i love these sorts of personalized art! thanks for linking up!

TheBargainBabe said:

Those are adorable, it would be nice to have one for every child and display them right in a row on a wall or hallway wall. :)

Cindy said:

This is so cute!! I love this!