Custom Made Signs

Custom signs are fun for me.  They require a little bit of brain stretching, some creativity and a cooperative collaboration between myself and my client.  While a custom sign order can be intimidating at first, they always turn out to be my very favorites.  Each of them has a story - a special reason for being created, which makes it so much more special to me as I paint it.

Here are some of the recent custom signs I've made:

Boondoggle Farm Sign

Boondoggle Farm Sign - a property sign for a local customer

Keep the Faith Sign

Keep the Faith Sign - a customer's favorite encouraging phrase

Family Name Custom Sign

The Laplante Home - a variation on my 2ft signs with a custom font & two colors

The Craft Bar Sign

The Craft Bar Sign - to name a basement bar turned craft space

Stairway to Heaven Sign

Stairway to Heaven - placed at the bottom of a stairway leading to a dream craft room

The House of Bogle SIgn

The House of Bogle Sign - for a mancave

Savor Beauty Sign

Savor Beauty Sign - featuring my customer's recent motto


Do you have a custom sign in mind?  You can tell me about it and request a design and pricing here


Netties Expressions said:

Wow, these are beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said:

These are beautiful! I hope to see you soon :)

Lori said:

Really cool signs, I also liked the stairway to heaven! They look so rustic chic!

Patricia said:

Stairway to Heaven made me giggle. I love how you angled the savor Beauty one. Very cool. Of course, I also love the Craft Bar sign!