Non-Disney Princess Decor

Wordy Wednesday: Pretty Princess (non-Disney Princess-themed decor)

When you think of princesses, names like Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora probably come to mind.  And while our little girls will love those cherished Disney princesses forever, perhaps when it comes to decorating thier bedrooms, we can urge them toward a more elegant and unique "royal" style.  Here are some attractive non-Disney princess themed posters and signs to help round out a Princess themed bedroom:

Little Girl Growth Charts
Little Girl Growth Charts by SignsByAndrea


Keep Calm and Princess On

Keep Calm and Princess On by BeyondWonderlnd


Princess Arrow Sign

Magnetic Princess Arrow by Sign of the Times


A Princess Sleeps Here Vinyl Text

A Princess Sleeps Here Vinyl by Eye Candy Signs


As You Wish Print

As You Wish Print by CisforColor


Princess Parking Sign

Princess Parking Sign by Tag City

A Princess Sleeps Here Sign

The Princess Sleeps Here by Fairy Freckles Studios

Orange Princess Vintage Sign

Aluminum Princess Sign by Seaweed Surf Co

I Do Not Kiss Frogs

Princess Print Art by TheDreamyGiraffe


Princess Way Street Sign

Princess Way Street Sign by Nostalgic Images


Princess Wall Decal

Princess Wall Decal by OldBarnRescueCompany

Ava's Castle - Custom Signs by Andrea

Ava's Castle by SignsByAndrea


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Gayla said:

Stopping in from Burlap and Blue. Love the Little Girl Growth Chart (EMMA) especially since my little baby grand daughter is due in May!

Gayla said:

absolutely LOVE the EMMA Little Girl Growth Chart, especially since my little granddaughter Emma is due this May!

Cara said:

Hey there! Stopping by from Keeping It Simple. I gotta say I love the idea of doing princesses without the disney theme. I don't mind the disney princesses but I like an alternative.


Justine said:

Stopping by from the Anything Goes Linky!

Jen Lossing, The Consigner Designer said:

I love all of the signs. I am not partial to Disney Characters myself so these are great alternatives! I especially like the princess wall decal!