I Love You More Than - Interactive Poster

Last year for Valentine's Day I surprised my husband by hanging a framed poster in our master bathroom that said "I Love You More Than".  I used a little bit of Velcro to attach a red dry erase marker to the side of the frame and then filled in the blank with the word "ever".  After being together for 15 years, it was absolutely true. :)

I Love You More Than Poster

Since then, for the past year we've been taking turns filling in the blank.  It's been everything from hilarious to sappy to completely random, and most of all really fun to see what crazy phrase will show up the next time each of us walks into the room! 

This particular word one has shown up more than once or twice!

I Love You More Than Pinterest

I promise it's true Honey...I really do love you more than Pinterest!

If you'd like your own "I Love You More Than" poster, you can order it in nearly any size from 6" x 4" to 40" x 32"!  It's been so much fun for us and I look forward to including our kids in the activity someday too (you know...once they can read and write!).


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I Love You More Than - Free Printable
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Anonymous said:

love this!! What a cool idea!

Six Sisters said:

This is ADORABLE! We would love to have you come share this at our weekly link party every Saturday! -The Sisters


Megan @ Two Live Colorfully said:

Just came over from the A to Z link party. I couldn't help but click! I really want one of these adorable signs for our home as well. Just a small, fun way to remind others of how much we love them!

Pop on over to my blog if you'd like.
xo Megan

Heather said:

Love this Andrea, it is so cute!! Thanks for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday, I pinned it on our Valentine's Day board.


Lauren said:

Heart you more than Pintrest?! Now that's true love!!! Your signs are amazing!

Jody said:

What a cute printable! I have an old bumper sticker that looks kind of like this, but I like this way better. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Angie R said:

How fun.. I love it! Since I LOVE PINTEREST! lol

Stopping by from TT & J and would LOVE for you to come by and link this up at my “Create and Inspire” Party! :)

Thanks so much!

P.S. New follower

Angie from A Little Inspiration

amy said:

oooooohhhhh..i LOVE this! My son and I play this game all the time; I say "I love you more than ice cream," then he'll say "I love you more than Elmo..." and so on. LOVE! Would you pretty pretty please share it here?


Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me said:

I love pinterest too! This would be perfect for me!

I am actually hosting my weekly Pinterest linky party at the moment. Please pop by if you have 5 minutes to spare. I would be thrilled if you could link up this pinteresting post!

Best wishes,

Rebecca Scott said:

Oh that is too cute and would result in quite a bit of hilarity in my house. I'm sure the word "zombies" would show up on there at least once. ;) Thanks for sharing this!

Lindy said:

Love it! I hope you will come by and Link Up to the I Heart Projects Party I am having on my blog.


Kass | Employment Posters said:

I had a time visiting lindy's site and yeah it was cool ,just like your site.. :D