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On-Display Thursday: Gallery Wall Tutorial @ A.Steed's.Life

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Today I'd like to share my personal favorite way to display a combination of words on wood signs, photographs, and artwork prints - a Gallery Wall.  This one just happens to live in my very own kitchen. :)  Several months ago, I shared a detailed tutorial on my personal blog for how to achieve this gallery collage look.  

A.Steed's.Life - Gallery Wall Tutorial

The result has been a conversation starting, eye-catching wall of stories that everyone comments on when they come into our home.  The wall tells the "story of us" via sentimental pieces like our Dated Wall Art, marriage certificate, newborn hospital photos and hand prints of our children, and special milestone memories (like a photo of our first home).  

For additional texture and depth (and to break up the monotony of all the black frames), sprinkled in are a few custom painted signs with one of my favorite mottos "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.", a "Sweet Home Alabama" sign, which is where we currently live and since it's in the kitchen, I threw in an "Eat, Drink & Be Merry" sign.

A.Steed's.Life - Gallery Wall Tutorial

What makes this hodge podge of items work?  A combination of a few good gallery wall tips:

  • Use similar margins between the frames for continuity.  
  • Create balance, by placing larger pieces pieces first, then filling in with smaller ones.
  • Make visual triangles to lead your eye from space to space and spread the styles of artwork around (as I did with the placement of some of the larger frames and non-photo pieces).
  • Use mats and frames in the same colors to allow the colorful artwork and photos to stand out.

Join me again next week as we take a look at another great typography display idea.  Have an idea to great tip of your own to share? Send your ideas to me at to be featured here!

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andie said:

thanks for linking this up last week! such a cool display for your family and visitors to see. it must've taken you forever to do!

Lindsey said:

Thanks for the tips! I was having difficulty arranging my gallery wall but I figured out it is probably because all my frames are the same size. I need to get some smaller ones like you have!

Kathy said:
Ann said:

Well done! Your wall is gorgeous and is kicking my own plan for a gallery wall into gear. In our old house the gallery was the long, long hallway but in this house it will be in the livingroom, so you've inspired me with your neat design.

Anonymous said:

Great advice - the many holes comment above is my main concern too!
Found you via craft-o-manic linky - would love you to visit me;

Grace said:

You did a great job with the gallery wall and I love that the pictures tell a story about your family.

Sarah said:

I am getting ready to start a gallery wall in my hallway, so this post was so helpful!! Thanks! :)

I just started a craft blog...feel free to follow!

In Black & White said:

How timely to stumble across this now - I've just this minute finished a mini gallery-wall style display above my bed! I need a different hook for one of the frames and then I'll probably post it to my blog as I'm so pleased with it. My tip for smaller walls is to use brown paper to work out your layout. I only covered an area of about 60" x 40" but I had a lot of variety in shapes and styles of frames, as well as a lot of small ones, so it was fiddly to get it right. Roll out the size you need on the floor and play with layouts until you have it right. Once you're happy with it, mark the position of all the nails on your paper then just tape the sheet to the wall. No extra nail holes to worry about!

Elle and Lou said:

I have never heard the do without motto- love it, and the advice.
I tried to follow your blog but couldn't find a follow button ;(
will pop back next week for more advice.

Heather said:

Thanks for sharing ~ it's beautiful! I've got a gallery wall 'in the works'... might be a while before its up and looks as great as this one! xo

Donna said:

I have seen many gallery posts and I hopped on over from Serenity Now to take a look at your creation. It looks wonderful! I especially love how you incorporated personal items and quotes. I have been wanting to create one of these in my home. Thank you for sharing your design!

Ellie said:

Looks great!! I'm always the most afraid of so many holes in my wall.

Kim,USA said:

I've been thinking of doing this on our living room wall. Now I have an idea how to begin. Thanks!

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